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Irani.World: A Professional Iranian Community Platform

The Irani.World platform we have created provides Iranian businesses and professionals - one place to find one another for services, products, and events. In addition to business and professional profiles, Irani.World has afinancial markets page, blog, an events calendar, music from Iranian artists, and a travel page.Irani.World is a platform which hopes to better unite the Iranian community throughculture and business.

Community Portal for Content

The financial markets page gives users quick access to stocks, commodities, and crypto values. The music page allows artists to advertise their works by allowing artists to embed direct links to their works and advertise their portfolios. An events calendar will allow businesses, professionals, artists, and venues to post their important dates for concerts, art shows, grand openings, sales and other special events. Finally, we have included a travel portal to help everyone plan travel for business or pleasure.

Business Growth Within the Community

Every important platform page or section includes embedded banner ads. Our platform has banner in four sizes, large, medium, normal, and small. The financial markets main page has 2 medium banners. The blog page, will have 4 small banners. The blog page will have 4 small banners. The events page has 3 normal sized banners. The travel page has 3 normal sized banners. Banner ads can be reserved and edited directly from a user’s dashboard that is included with the profile.

Professional and Business Profiles and Dashboards

To list your professional, business, or artist profile on the .World platform, users have the option of four free user plans and four paid user plans. The plans are Professional, Artists & Events, Business Platinum, and Business Ultra. The paid plans are feature filled, highly customizable, and offer discounts for platform ads. Paid plan features might consist of menus for restaurants, property listings for realtors, and product pages for shops. In addition, paid plans receive priority in user search results. The four free plans have basic features to get you started with limited profile customization ability. Dashboards are provided for all users which will allow them to edit their profiles and purchase advertising.

Business Portal

Users can purchase a plan online with payment going directly to a United States financial institution. Nonprofits may request a temporary free plan with the full features of a paid plan if the request is made and reviewed by our team.

Special Services

Users who choose to, may request a Blue Checkmark to verify their identity. Requests for Blue Checkmarks must be reviewed and approved by our team. Additional services and features may shall be added to our platform over time.

Contact Us

For more information about the Irani.World platform, people can contact us globally. We have a remote office in New York, developers in Los Angeles, management and development in Stockholm, Sweden, and development and 24 hour customer support in Dubai, UAE.